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Dentonics has been manufacturing high-quality dental products since 1988. Our family-owned business has grown to become an international leader in the dental industry.

We offer a complete range of dental materials for cementation, restoratives, impression, temporary, endodontic, orthodontic materials, and other products, with a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.


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Your full toolkit of

everyday essentials

from Adhesives to

Zinc Oxide

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Dentonics Master-dent DC Resin Cement 10-830
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Dual-Cure Resin Cement

Flow Composite

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Randy Leander b&w

Randy Leander



Jonathan Barber

Director of International Sales

Ryan Leander b&w

Ryan Leander

Operations Manager

Trevor Leander b&w

Trevor Leander

Product Marketing Manager

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Dentonics outline grey logo
Dentonics outline grey logo
Dentonics outline grey logo
Dentonics outline grey logo

Dentonics remains a family-owned dental manufacturing company that has been proudly serving the USA and beyond for 35 years.  Our "People Matter" focus encourages our talented team of employees to create value for our customers and clinicians across the globe

Dentonics outline grey logo
Dentonics outline grey logo


Dentonics outline grey logo

Missouri, USA

Dr Dennis Munson DDS

Dr. Dennis Munson,

“The first time I used Ultimate SE Bond, the viscosity just felt different than the other agent I was using from Dentsply.  It gave me the confidence to use it as my primary.....not knowing that it had a superior shear bond strength to some of the best in the category!”

Cork, Ireland

Dr  Patrick ODriscoll

Dr. Patrick O’Driscoll, B.D.S. (N.U.I.) M. MED.SC. (N.U.I.) M.SC. (U. LOND.) F.I.A.D.T.

“Having used Roth’s Cement successfully for 23 years, I was disappointed when it became unavailable and needed to find a suitable alternative. The Master-Dent® ROTH formula is a slow setting cement based on Grossman's formula. It gives the operator more control and allows gutta percha to be easily retrieved, if required to do so, during the obturation process. It can be used in cold or hot obturation techniques.“

Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr Natasha Andrews

Dr. Natasha Andrews,
B.Ch.D (UP)

"I love using Master-Dent Bite Registration material. It is easy to use, excellent stability and my dental lab is happy as well."

Santa Tecla, El Salvador

Dr Polanco.jpg

Dr. Miguel Ángel Polanco
(Cosmetic Dentistry and Endodontics)

“I have been using Master-Dent Light Cure Cavity Liner for about 2 years. It has become my daily ally because it has the following advantages:

it reduces working time due to its single-component presentation; it releases fluoride; when placing it, I know that I am using pulp protection that is also remineralizing the deep damaged tissue; it allows me to work on dentin that is not so dry, reducing the likelihood of post-operative sensitivity.”

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