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Automix Core Build-up Material

Master-Dent® Automix Core Build-up Material has convenient and consistent working and curing times. The Automix System, combined with optimized consistency and rheological characteristics of the restorative, facilitates handling. Good mechanical strength. Excellent x-ray opacity.

Automix Core Build-up Material

  • Features

    • Automix System
    • Optimized consistency and rheological characteristics
    • Consistent working and curing times
    • Good mechanical strength
    • Excellent x-ray opacity
    • Available in natural and white
  • Item Numbers

    19-155 Shade Natural 1 x 50ml cartridge w/ Tips
    19-156 Shade White 1 x 50ml cartridge w/ Tips
    20-515  HP Mixing Gun for 50ml cartridge  1:1, 50ml
    20-555 HP Mixing Tips (Blue/Clear) 25/pk


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