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Bite Trays and 1-2-3 Trays

Master-Dent® Bite Trays and 1-2-3 Trays perform three functions with one tray and one impression. Takes the impression, the counter impression and the bite registration at the same time. Easy, fast and efficient.

Bite Trays and 1-2-3 Trays

  • Features

    • Tough, yet thin, loose mesh which does not distort or tear
    • Strong and tough plastic
    • Easy technique and accurate impressions with today’s modern materials
  • Item Numbers

    24-000 Anterior.......(35 per Box)
    24-100 Posterior......(50 per Box)
    24-200 Posterior Sideless.......(50 per Box)
    24-300 Quadrant.......(35 per Box)
    24-400 Full Arch......(30 per Box)
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