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Blue Gel Etch

Master-Dent® Blue Gel Etch offers 37% phosphoric acid gel in various packaging options. Vivid blue for visual confirmation of application and rinsing. Luer lock tips are angled for easy access, offering better control.

Blue Gel Etch

  • Features

    •  37% Phosphoric Acid Formula
    • Remains where placed – does not run, yet rinses easily without residue
    • Accurate placement through small-gauge angled applicator tips
    • Vivid Blue for visual confirmation
    • Syringe sizes range from 1.2ml to economy size 60gm
  • Item Numbers

    18-120 12g Iuer lock syringe w/ 10 blue Iuer lock needle tips & black luer lock needle tips
    18-125 4 x 1.2ml syringes w/ 20 blue luer lock needles tips
    18-130  60g syringe, 5 empty 3ml syringes, 20 blue luer lock needle tips


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