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Core Build-Up

Master-Dent® Core Build-up is a self cure product designed for core build-ups and cementation of posts and pins. Creamy smooth formulation, radiopaque and non-slumping. Exclusive matched-viscosity pastes ensure easy, reliable mixing even if proportions are varied to adjust setting time. Sets hard in minutes so finishing can take place without delay. High compressive strength with easy application.

Core Build-Up

  • Features

    • Creamy smooth formulation, non-slumping
    • High compressive strength
    • Radiopaque
    • Matched-viscosity pastes
    • Easy application and sets hard in minutes – no delay
  • Item Numbers

      19-000-N  Natural
      19-000-W  White
      14g Base Paste / 14g Catalyst Paste
      14g Base Paste / 14g Catalyst Paste
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