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Dual Cure Core Build-Up Material

MASTER-DENT® DUAL CURE CORE BUILD-UP MATERIAL is a dual cure, radiopaque, densely filled composite-based material indicated for core build-up on vital and non-vital teeth and for luting of pins and posts. It is expressed directly from the cartridge to the tooth without the need for hand mixing or triturating. Superior handling characteristics and its automix delivery system allow for direct placement of the material and easy access of posterior areas with intraoral tip. Modern metal-free esthetic crowns demand a tough supporting core. Master-Dent® Dual Cure Core Build- Up exhibits ideal mechanical properties with high compressive and tensile strength, yet maintains a dentin-like feel when cutting.

Dual Cure Core Build-Up Material

SKU: 19-152
  • Features

    • Light-curing for time-saving application
    • Additional chemical curing for reliable processing
    • Direct application from cartridge
    • Easy access of posterior areas with intraoral tips
    • High compressive and tensile strength for rigid core
    • Cuts like dentin
  • Item Number

    19-152 Dual Cure Core Build-Up Cartridge (25ml) w/ automix tips


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