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Flowable Composite

Master-Dent® Flow Composite is a light cured flowable hybrid resin restorative recommended for Class III, Class IV and Class V restorations, combining the Bis-GMA chemistry with a non-slumping flowability for easier placement and contouring. Flows into the preparation versus traditional packing and manipulation. Dispensed through a syringe with an application tip for increased accuracy and fingertip control.

Flowable Composite

  • Features

    • Fast application
    • Low viscosity, high flow characteristics
    • Excellent polishability
    • Superior color stability and well-balanced optical properties
    • High adhesive strength to etched or mechanically roughened surfaces without need for bonding agents
    • Multipurpose light cure material
  • Item Numbers

    Refill Kits        

    2 x 2g Syringes w/ Tips

      19-412-A1 Shade A1 w/ tips
      19-412-A2 Shade A2 w/ tips
      19-412-A3 Shade A3 w/ tips
      19-412-A3.5 Shade A3.5 w/ tips
      19-412-B1 Shade B1 w/ tips
      19-412-B2 Shade B2 w/ tips
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