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Light Cure Temporary Filling Material

Master-Dent® Light Cured Temporary Filling Material offers more reliable performance due to its higher wear resistance, increased mechanical strength and better resistance to oral fluids. Substantially longer service time when compared to saliva-cured filling material. Less technique sensitive. Provides predictable and reproducible results. Fast application and deep cure. Patient does not have to wait before being allowed to eat. Good strength yet easily removed. Universal (A2) shade.

Light Cure Temporary Filling Material

SKU: 11-500
  • Features

    • High wear resistance and mechanical strength, yet easily removed
    • Fast application and deep cure
    • Strong resistance to oral fluids
    • Longer service time compared to saliva-cure versions
    • Predictable and reproducible results
  • Item Number

    11-500 4g Syringe
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