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SYNERGY™ Tooth Whitening

Master-Dent® SYNERGY™ is a patented dual-component system that represents the most advanced science in tooth whitening today. With a 30-minute bleaching duration, SYNERGY™ gives superior results compared to whiteners that take up to 2 hours. The unique formulation combines 30% Carbamide Peroxide with 15% Calcium Peroxide (equivalent to a 25% Carbamide Peroxide product) to deliver rapid but safe whitening results. The unique feature of this state-of-the-art whitener is that the “synergy” of the two components not only releases free calcium to support re-mineralization and rejuvenate enamel lustre - but its water release feature also prevents the sensitivity often associated with single component whiteners.

SYNERGY™ Tooth Whitening

  • Features

    • Fast acting, short treatment times
    • Up to 6 applications per automix syringe
    • Low sensitivity/tissue irritation
    • Rejuvenates tooth enamel through remineralization
  • In-Office Patient Kit (Take Home)


    4 x 6.6g syringes plus tips, 3 EVA sheets, storage case


    4 x 6.6g syringes plus tips, 2 generic trays, storage case, instructions

  • Refill Syringe

    30-160-R 6.6g syringe
  • Economy Pack

    30-160-36 36 x 6.6g syringes plus tips, 36 sets patient instructions
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