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Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

Master-Dent® Temporary Crown & Bridge Material (Automix) is a self-cure bisacrylic resin for temporary crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays. The two component material (base and catalyst), is presented in an automix cartridge for quick and easy handling and direct placement, preventing cross-contamination. The automix system delivers a homogenous mix and minimizes air bubbles. Less exothermic reaction means low heat generation during polymerization, eliminating heat sensitivity. Low contraction, easy polishing and biocompatible. Fluorescence gives an esthetic and natural temporary restoration. Low brittleness, strong when bending/removing, so it will not break. With no oxygen inhibition layer, wiping residual layer is not necessary.

Temporary Crown & Bridge Material

  • Features

    • Transient flexibility – resulting from two-step cure, facilitates handling
    • Low Brittleness – Strong when bending/removing so it will not break
    • No oxygen inhibition layer – wiping residual layer is not needed
    • Less exothermic reaction – no heat sensitivity
    • Smooth finish – no polishing necessary
  • 50ml Cartridge w/ Tips


    Shade A1


    Shade A2


    Shade A3


    Shade B1


    Shade C2


    Shade Extra White

  • Accessories


    HP Mixing Gun


    HP Mixing Tips (Blue/Clear) (25/pk)

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