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Ultimate™ Bond

Master-Dent® Ultimate™ Bond creates a chemical bond between dentin/enamel and all restorative materials. A single, light cured component that does not require mixing. Easy to use. Microleakage is minimized. Secondary caries are reduced. Excellent compatibility. Relieves hypersensitivity. Provides root surface desensitization. Combines mono and polymethacrylate resins with HEMA (hydroxyethylmethacrylate) to produce desired hydrophylic properties. Solvent free.

Ultimate™ Bond

SKU: 19-215
  • Features

    • One-step bonding agent
    • Bonds chemically to all restorative materials
    • Excellent biocompatibility
    • Relieves hypersensitivity
    • Root surface desensitization
  • Item#:

    19-215 7ml Bottle


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