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VPS Impression Material, 380ml (5:1) Cartridges

Master-Dent® VPS Impression Material integrates superior dimensional stability, tear resistance and accuracy with ease of handling for consistently accurate impressions. Offered in a wide variety of formulations and delivery systems, its super-hydrophilic nature is formulated to ensure excellent final impressions with minimal distortion and great dimensional stability. The material will not drip, sag or slump during extrusion. Now available in our new jumbo 380ml cartridge system which stores the base and catalyst components separately in a specific 5:1 volumetric ratio.

VPS Impression Material, 380ml (5:1) Cartridges

  • Features

    • Super-hydrophilic
    • Exceptional dimensional stability and accuracy
    • Ideal working time/setting time ratio
    • Thixotropic
    • High tear strength
  • Starter Kits

    (1 X 380ml Cart., 1 Bayonet Ring, 10 Dynamic Mixing Tips)

    20-722 Heavy Body, Regular Set
    20-723 Heavy Body, Fast Set
    20-702 Monophase, Regular Set
    20-703 Monophase, Fast Set
    20-712 Alginate Alternative, Regular Set
    20-713 Alginate Alternative, Fast Set
    20-559 Dynamic Mixing Tips (Pk/50)
    20-560 Bayonet Ring (Pk/2)
  • Refill Kits

    (2 X 380ml Cart., No Tips)

    20-720 Heavy Body, Regular Set
    20-721 Heavy Body, Fast Set
    20-700 Monophase, Regular Set
    20-701 Monophase, Fast Set
    20-710 Alginate Alternative, Regular Set
    20-711 Alginate Alternative, Fast Set
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